Trust fidelity insurance


Insurance against breach of trust. For a long time, this policy was only available in Anglo-saxon countries and South America. In the past years it has found its way to Switzerland, breach of trust specialists becoming more and more popular. Principally, the breach of trust Insurance covers exclusive and direct pecuniary events relating to the insured party : fraud (including falsification of means of payment, information technology abuse, money transfers, committed by one or several third parties, without the knowledge of the employee. This coverage also includes many definitions. We shall not explain all of them in detail now, but we shall just briefly present you the most important exclusions concerning money transfers and criminal employees. Money transfers are excluded within the measure that they were not executed in conformity with the directives or were executed by non-authorized employees. This exclusion is not applicable to transfers executed with a fraudulous intention, in the event of fraude the damage would, however, be covered. Acts committed by criminal employees are excluded when the firm confirms knowing or should have known their prior criminal activity. Besides, fines, social charges and taxes resulting from any sort of criminal act can not be insured. Temporarily, Insurance against breach of trust covers damages discovered during the term of the contract. The risks prior to subscribing the contract can not be insured, meaning that the policy is extinguished at its expiration. Geographically, it is advisable to obtain a worldwide policy, since some criminal acts are frequently committed abroad.

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