ACS Entreprise

ACS Entreprise

In case of a breakdown, we will fly to your rescue all over Europe


A smart idea

Affiliating with ACS as a corporate member ensures mobility for you and your employees during daily work. A cover that allows you to guarantee your appointments and your deliveries

Whichever vehicle your employee drives, we are there for you in case of failure, all over Europe and for a modest contribution


By joining ACS as a business member, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • ACS troubleshooting service for your vehicles in Switzerland and throughout Europe in the event of a breakdown or event covered by the Casco insurance (including towing costs, response in case of fuel outage or missing keys in the car, provision of a replacement vehicle, etc.)


Welcome to ACS – Your Gift
Starting from 3 vehicles insured by your care we give you a gas voucher worth CHF 50. - bon d’essence d’une valeur de CHF 50.-


General conditions

1. General

The member firms are moral persons with such status, (municipalities, schools and association, amongst other). They are represented by a physical person with voting rights

2. Benefits

Your vehicles are insured for troubleshooting against payment of an annual fee. In addition, you can obtain the ACS Corporate Legal Protection in Movement (CH and Europe). This is possible for vehicles with a total weight of up to 3,5 t which can in principle be driven with a category B driver’s licence

3. Duration of validity

The assessment is valid for one year; it shall be renewed tacitly from one year to the next if it is not terminated in writing at least three months before its expiry date

4. Changes

Any change in the registration number of a registered vehicle must be notified to the ACS within 10 days

5. Corporate Membership Contribution

Corporate Membership Contribution The fee consists of a basic fee of CHF 100.– plus an additional tax for each vehicle registered. Additional fees per vehicle are:

1 to 5 vehicles CHF 69. -
6 to 10 vehicles CHF 68. -
11 to 20 vehicles CHF 67. -
21 to 40 vehicles CHF 66. -
41 to 60 vehicles CHF 65. -
61 + vehicles CHF 64. -