Financial investments

Financial investments

Portfolio management is an leading activity for Swiss banks. It is one of the key pillars of our financial place. By associating an excellent quality of advice and conditions – attractive frames, Switzerland has raised itself to the top level of International Private Banking. Enriched by a tradition of over two centuries, the Swiss banking services has a high level of competences that considerably reinforce the confidence in the financial market and contribute to its first place position. Portfolio management for national and foreign clients contributes largely to the national economical performance and represents approximately half of the benefits generated by Swiss banks. In 2009 it contributed to the creation of a benefit as high as CHF 15,7 billions, that is to say 2,9% of the interior gross benefit. The reform named “BALE III” generally adopted in November 2010 by the group of the 20 most important economies (G20), downlays the minimum requirements for down payments and liquidities in the banking sector.

Obligations de caisse (bons de caisse)

Les obligations de caisse sont des placements à taux d’intérêt fixe. Il est possible d’acquérir une obligation de caisse

Compte à terme, dépôt ou placement à terme

Le compte à terme est conçu à l’intention des clients qui veulent placer leur argent pour une durée déterminée

Placement fiduciaire (peu accessible aux particuliers)

Les placements fiduciaires s’adressent aux clients qui désirent placer des liquidités à court terme (1 à 12 mois). Dans

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