Insurance benefits for private clients and professionals

Swiss Group & Partners have been able to negociate avantageous conditions with the major insurance companies in Switzerland.

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Specialized insurance advice for expatriates


Swiss Group & Partners offer complex solutions to clients wishing to establish themselves in Switzerland

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Quality Services


Swiss Group & Partners offers personalized quality services to all their clients in French and in English

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Custom made services to high net-worth clients


Swiss Group & Partners identify, analyze and assess the best alternate insurance solutions for their sophisticated high net-worth clients providing full transparency and loyalty.

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Specialized in particular risks


Special risks require special attention. Our specialists advise you in the areas of civil responsibility, patrimonial insurance, insurance against crime, in the event of extorsion of funds and demand of ransome, credit insurance, cyberrisks and many other areas.

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Insuring you is our job, trust our experience.

Quand vous souscrivez une assurance, que ce soit pour votre santé, votre retraite, votre hypothèque, votre activité professionnelle, votre véhicule, … nous recherchons pour vous les meilleurs prestataires.

Life Insurance: Pillar 3A or Pillar 3B

Before you subscribe to a life insurance it is important to make a comparison evaluation and choose the most adequate cover to suit your needs.

  • Maximum deduction per individual CHF6,826,-- (salaried individual)
  • Maximum deduction for self-employed individuals CHF34,128.--.

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Fiscal deduction 3rd pillar 3b
  • CHF 2,217 if you are salaried for a single person
  • CHF 3,326 if you are both salaried for married couples or registered partners
  • And that is not all. If you have children you benefit from a further deduction of: CHF907 per child if you are both salaried

*The deductions are higher for self-employed individuals who do not contribute to a 2nd optional Pillar and 3nd Pillar A

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Meet our advisors

With many years of experience our collaborators are all FINMA regulated and CICERO certified.

Aymeric Vierin

Aymeric Vierin

Conseiller en Assurances et Prévoyance

Langues : Français/ Italien / Anglais / Espagnol  


Swiss Group & Partners insures all your needs, should it be health insurance or insurance coverage for your business.

SERV credit insurance covers the risks linked to the export of goods, such as commercial risks (for example insolvability of a client) and politics (for example extraordinary state measures, civil instability, trade boycott, blocked current accounts) in the country of destination.

Often underestimated, health problems are crucial for businesses. In order to avoid bankruptcy and in order to be able to pursue its activity in the event of a problem, an employer must subscribe to health- accident- disability- and death insurance. The risk of incapacity to work.

Insurance for machines (or technical installations in general) covers any damage caused to machines, equipment, instruments and other technical apparels, whether damaged by the business owner himself or a third party. There are also solutions to insure systems.

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