ACS Classic

ACS Classic


Thanks to our excellent network throughout Europe, your daily mobility is insured. You can take the road quickly without additional cost. This concept corresponds to you current affiliations

What is the extent of the guarantee?

Europe (as per international Car Insurance map)


Who are the beneficiaries?

The members as well as the individuals living with you


Which are the vehicles that are insured?

Cars and motocycles of a total weight not exceeding 3,5 metric tons, as well as camping-cars up to 9 metric tons


Which events are guaranteed?

  • Car breakdown
  • Theft
  • Accident

Which expenses are included?

  • On the spot troubleshooting
  • Evacuation and guarding of vehicle
  • Sending of spare parts
  • Assistance in the event of petrol failure or problems with keys.
  • Accommodation on place
  • Return trip with public transport or by cab
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Repatriation of the vehicule from abroad

A limit of 3 breakdowns per civil year are indemnified. The organization of troubleshooting is guaranteed for more than 3 cases, however, expenses must be paid ahead.



Premium of 98.00 Special offer for the first year of subscription if you register online (the amount of the premium depends on the section for the years).



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