ACS Premium assistance

ACS Premium

In the entire world in full security


Who are the beneficiaries?

The members as well as the individuals living with you



Troubleshooting service thoughout Europe (see ACS Classic) you are perfectly insured in the event of a breakdown or accident. The ACS Premium Member benefits further from an extended coverage


Cancellation fees/travel policy

Cancellation fees are covered. You are covered in the entire world in the event of a serious illness or an accident arising before or during your vacation, whilst travelling (see ACS Travel)


Driving third party vehicles

If you are involved in a claim being the driver of a third party vehicle (below 3,5 metric tons), you have the following benefits:

  • Deductible and loss of bonus in connection with the civil responsibility insurance and all risks damages
  • If the vehicle is not insured against all risks, expenses to put the vehicle back into a functional state is taken into account up to a limit of Chf 5000.-


The use of a rental car (zero deductible)

A rental car (guaranteed without deductible). You rent a vehicle during your vacation. If the rental agent applies an excess when returning the vehicle, due to a theft claim, this excess is insured up to an amount of CHF 3,000 maximum


Legal protection for driving throughout the entire world

The legal protection offered by the company CAP covering worldwide optimal benefits for all claims in which you could be involved as a road user or holder or driver of a vehicle

The guarantee is limited to CHF 500’ooo in Europe and 50’000 in other countries (the terrioritality of various legal areas is applicable)



Contribution of CHF 318.00 per year for the member, including individuals living in common with the member



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